Jan - 2022
Hardwood Floor Replacement: A Step by Step Process
  • By: American Team Contracting
If you are planning to complete your hardwood floor replacement, you must read the following set of instructions. click to learn more...

Dec - 2021
Learn How to Create a Kitchen Remodel Checklist with Amazing Tips
  • By: American Team Contracting
Do you want to star a new remodeling project? With a Kitchen remodel checklist, you'll have all the aspects for planning you project easyly!...

Nov - 2021
How to Shingle a Shed Roof? Steps, Materials, and More
  • By: American Team Contracting
Well, even though there are different steps to follow, the truth is that you can easily learn the whole process of installing your shingles in a shed. However, it's important to mention that you'll require some time and effort to complete all the tasks.

Oct - 2021
When To Clean Gutters: Identify the First Signs at the Right Time
  • By: American Team Contracting

When to clean gutters is one of the most common doubts of most homeowners. Various factors can clog the gutters, provoking structural damage in the foundation or creating infections. As it is one of the main parts attached to the roof edges to guide the rainwater, it should function properly at any time.

Sep - 2021
4 Different Types of Metal Roof: Main Elements, Pros, and Cons
  • By: American Team Contracting
When it comes to remodeling or building a house, one of the main parts to consider is the metal roof material used for the construction. There exist different types of metal roofs in the market, each one designed for various purposes.

Aug - 2021
Can You Paint Vinyl Siding a Darker Color? Things to Consider
  • By: American Team Contracting
Most homeowner go through multiple questions when wanting to maintain their house's vinyl in top shape. And, many doubts revolve around paint jobs. That's why today we'll answer the question of "can you....

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